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Scientific and Technical Journal

Urban environment: features of the video ecological organization of space

2022. №2, pp. 55-66

Belyaev Daniil Yu. - student, Astrakhan State University, Astrakhan, Russia

Barmin Alexander N. - Doctor of Sciences (Geographical), Professor, Astrakhan State University, Astrakhan, Russia

Kolchin Evgeny A. - РЎandidate of Sciences (Geographical), Associate Professor, Astrakhan State University, Astrakhan, Russia

Valov Mikhail V. - РЎandidate of Sciences (Geographical), Associate Professor, Astrakhan State University, Astrakhan, Russia

The role of color in the organization of the urban environment is considered. Special attention is paid to the specifics of the formation of the color character of the environment of residential areas. The review of modern practice in this area, as well as factors influencing the adoption of design decisions on the organization of the environment of courtyard spaces is carried out. The authors have identified the basic components of the environment that form its functional content (buildings, building elements, small architectural forms, landscaping elements, the surface of the earth), as well as components that affect the identity and ease of orientation in the space of a residential area (elements of graphic design and art objects). The review of the characteristic ways of working with color used in the project strategy of creating a comfortable and harmonious environment of residential areas is carried out. The importance of such environmental qualities as identity, memorability and ease of orientation is shown by the example of creating unique art objects and navigation elements. The main scenarios of the color organization of environmental components at different scale levels and within individual fragments of residential areas or courtyards are considered.

Key words: public space, color, yard space, color environment, components of the environment, scenarios of color organization