Geology, geography and global energy

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The objectives of the revision

The major objectives of the magazine "Geology, Geography and Global Energy" are:
  • Providing the ability to publish the results of research scientists - respectively the name of the magazine and its columns listed on the magazine's website;
  • Support for the necessary scientific and methodological level of published materials, they are relevant to the magazine;
  • Providing remote access to previously published materials on the website of the magazine;
  • Support for "information links" again published material from those articles that have been published in the journal earlier;
  • Information on current (conducted) university of science and technology activities on topics relevant journals;
  • The publication of information about the candidates and successfully defended his doctoral thesis by university staff (on the subject of the magazine).

General characteristics of the editorial and publishing magazine
To solve these problems is the editorial and publishing process incoming materials to the journal . Its main objectives are to ensure a high level of scientific articles and their relevance; matching articles topics magazine exception of plagiarism and other options of borrowing other people's scientific output.

As part of the editorial and publishing activities can be carried out as follows:
  • Peer review of articles by members of the editorial boards of journals and / or employees of the Astrakhan State University ;
  • Direction of articles for review by professionals from outside of the Astrakhan State University ;
  • The direction of authors materials received proposals for changes in the titles of articles , their content part , reference lists ;
  • Implementation of publishing editing texts of articles, their abstracts and keywords - with the required alignment of all bug fixes with the authors;
  • Correct obvious spelling and syntax errors detected in the submissions (this can be done without the consent of the editorial authors).