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Editorial ethics

Scientific and technical journal "Geology , Geography and Global Energy" adheres to the editorial standards of ethics and strives to prevent its violation.
Revision 4.2 and reviewers respected copyrights in respect of submitted materials , including the right to "authorship" and the rights to the "immutability of work" in the Civil Code of the Russian.
Information about the article before it was published may be granted only to the author , reviewers, potential reviewers, editorial board members , employees Publishing House "Astrakhan University."
Reviewers and editors can not directly or indirectly use the material received for them articles prior to publication , with the text of articles to unauthorized persons prior to their publication in journals.
The same rule applies to items that were refused publication.
Evaluation activities should be based solely on the content or quality of scientific results , regardless of gender , race, sexual orientation , ethnicity, religion , nationality or political opinion website . The main evaluation criteria listed in paragraph 3.7.
The authors must ensure that submissions are original works and do not contain plagiarism , not published material by other authors , as well as information forbidden to appear in the press applicable regulations.
To avoid plagiarism at the level of administration of Astrakhan State University , it was decided by the authors of the need to submit the scanned images with the results of testing materials sent in the "Anti-plagiarism." On such certificates must be supplied visa sponsors.
If the authors have used the previously published work (including his own ), and / or fragments thereof , that have to be made relevant literature references.