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The role of sport and recreational services to improve the quality of customer service hotels and tourist complexes

2015. №1, pp. 180-191

Markaryan Irina N. - C.Sc. in Economics Associate Professor, Russian State Social University, 151/1 Plastunskaya st., Sochi, 354000, Russian Federation,

Guest services are part of the overall atmosphere of hospitality, the first step in the creation of which makes the reception. Sports and health services in recent years, occupy a worthy place in the field of hospitality and tourism. The desire of the population of the planet to a healthy lifestyle, active life position has generated interest hoteliers to this type of service. Sports facilities, fitness and SPA-centers have become important attributes of hospitality. Innovative approaches to health and wellness services helped to create a large variety of services, depending on the financial capacity, the availability of space and land, location and specialization of the hotel and tourist complex. International hospitality sector has already established a significant number of techniques this kind of services, and in Russia, the process has evolved since the early 90-s of XX century. Created SPA-motels, SPA-resorts, SPA-hotels, SPA-centers; wellness and fitness center with a variety of programs and technologies. The main thing is to have high quality service and a specialized set of services. Centers on the equipment, its material and technical base and professionalism of the staff depend on a variety of data services and enterprise profit hospitality sectors. Downloading of accommodation, especially out of season, affect the quantity and quality of additional services, including sports and recreation. Hotel occupancy percentage is a measure of the competitiveness of service industries. Further development of infrastructure and spectrum of sports services, design and construction of specialized accommodation facilities will allow Russia to take a leading position in the market of sports tourism.

Key words: спортивно-оздоровительные центры, туристские комплексы, фитнес-центры, SPA-центры, качество услуг, инфраструктура, fitness-centers, tourist complexes, SPA-centers, the quality of services and infrastructure