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Heterogeneity of morphostructures underwater continental margin of the mountainous Crimea

2015. №1, pp. 63-83

Yevsyukov Yuriy D. - C.Sc. in Geography, Leading research assistant, Southern Branch of P. P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1g Prostornaya st., Gelendzhik, Krasnodar region, 353467, Russian Federation,

Popkov Vasiliy I. - D.Sc. in Geology and Mineralogy, Professor, Kuban State University, 149 Stavropolskaya st., Krasnodar, 350040, Russian Federation,

Rudnev Valeriy I. - Younger Research Assistant, Southern Branch of P. P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1g Prostornaya st., Gelendzhik, Krasnodar region, 353467, Russian Federation,

Over the past four decades together with the regional echo sounding widely practiced research bottom relief on different-sized polygons. In the Black sea such works most intensively performed in the 70-90-ies of the last century. Subsequent processing of the obtained materials was completed by compiling bathymetric, geomorphological maps, charts, and review profiles of bottom relief. All these data were used in the preparation of scientific articles. On a number of objective and subjective reasons, the researchers accounted for at best 60-70 % of all the observations. Further materials echo-sounder measurements, including not previously claimed, were analyzed in conjunction with geological and geophysical data and specific features of the orography adjacent land areas. This greatly expanded the pre-existing ideas about the structure and development of the morphological structures surveyed areas. This work was carried out taking into account the changing methods of processing of raw materials, which has been continuously improved. On this basis systematized and reprocessed materials of echo-sounder measurements carried out within the continental margin of Mountainous Crimea. The article presents a comparative and qualitative characteristic of echo sounding materials on polygons and regional profiles. Graphic plot (maps, diagrams, profiles and so on) reflect the diversity and heterogeneity of many elements of mesorelief on the studied areas. Shows the General features to the orography of the peninsula with morphostructures of its submarine continental margin. One of the main objectives of this article was to present the specific topography of the shelf edge in the projection on the vertical plane. This method was successfully used in the analysis of the structure and the transformation of the continental shelf in some areas of the Black sea. In this article the nature of the shelf edge in the vertical plane shown for the first time in three versions: the outer continental shelf of the entire monitoring area and two polygons - Foros and Alushta. In these constructions are most clearly shows the role of vertical neotectonic movements, causing morphostructural restructuring underwater continental margin of the Mountainous Crimea.

Key words: орография, рельеф, геоморфология, эхолотирование, морфоструктура, шельф, материковый склон, гряда, уступ, orography, relief, geomorphology, echo sounding, morphostructure, shelf, continental slope, ridge, ledge