Geology, geography and global energy

Scientific and Technical Journal

Disposal of nuclear waste as a global problem

2015. №1, pp. 10-41

Komleva Yelena V. - Research, Institute for Philosophy and Political Science of Dortmund Technical University, 50 Emil-Figge st., Dortmund, 44221, Federal Republic of Germany,

There are considered some anthropo-social aspects of the nuclear energy phenomenon. The work is devoted to an idea of the long-term underground isolation of nuclear materials by international efforts. It introduces the Russian versions and emphasizes the necessity to develop the appropriate legal, financial and economic tools as well as social and cultural grounds and criteria to implement this idea. They refer to the first attempt of constructing an international underground repository for nuclear materials. There are mentioned some problems identified by this connection.

Key words: междисциплинарность, культура безопасности, ядерная энергия, нефть, ядерные отходы, международный ядерный могильник, interdisciplinarity, culture of safety, nuclear energy, oil, nuclear waste, international nuclear waste storage facility