Geology, geography and global energy

Scientific and Technical Journal

Results of plasma-pulse action application on the zhdanitsa oilfield

2013. №2, pp. 27-34

Molchanov A. A.  - Professor, National Mineral Resources University, ....,,

Maksyutin A. V.  - Lecturer, National Mineral Resources University, ....,,

Khusainov R. R.  - Post-graduate, National Mineral Resources University, ....,,

Results of enhanced oil recovery technology tests on South Moravia fields (the Czech Republic) are presented in the article. Relevance of work is connected with significant growth in a share of fields with hardly removable stocks of oil in the territory of the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic. The general idea about development of oil fields and tests of enhanced oil recovery technology in the territory of South Moravia is given. In the work the assessment of plasma-pulse action trial introduction efficiency on a Zhdanitsa field (the Czech Republic) is executed. The geological and a Zhdanitsa oilfield characteristic are submitted. The plasma-pulse action and equipment used for oil production intensification on a Zhdanitsa field are described. Results of plasma-pulse action in Zhdanitsa field and results of these measurements of outputs after carrying out processing are presented. Considerable range with plasma-pulse action distribution is revealed. Coincidence of trial introduction with data results of pilot studies is established. Generalization and the received results analysis is executed, directions of further development of high-viscosity oil researches are noted at plasma-pulse action.

Key words: Highly viscous oil,viscosity,plasma-pulse action,South Moravia