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Estimation of fresh groundwater reserves of the Ravnetskoye deposit for water supply to the city of Ishim

2022. №2, pp. 19-24

Turkov Evgeny G. - graduate student, Omsk State Agrarian University named after P. A. Stolypin, Omsk, Russia

Trotsenko Irina A. - РЎandidate of Sciences (Рђgriculture), Рђssociate Professor, Omsk State Agrarian University named after P. A. Stolypin, Omsk, Russia

Korchevskaya Yulia V. - РЎandidate of Sciences (Рђgriculture), Рђssociate Professor, Head of the Department, Omsk State Agrarian University named after P. A. Stolypin, Omsk, Russia

The article gives an assessment of water resources for the purposes of water supply in the city of Ishim. In connection with the increased wear of water intake facilities, the issue of the possibility of using the Ravnetsky deposit as an additional water source has been studied. The survey of the territory was carried out in order to assess its sanitary condition, the presence of active and abandoned hydrogeological wells, and to establish the main characteristics of an operational aquifer. The geological and hydrological characteristics of the Ravnetskoye deposit have been studied. An analysis of the chemical composition of groundwater was carried out, which showed that these waters can be used for domestic and drinking purposes, after additional processing. According to the research results, the load per well was from 125 to 840 m3/day. The expected flow rate of one well is taken as the average value of the received flow rates in different years of research - 718 m3/day. To obtain the declared water demand - 17,000 m3 / day. 24 wells will be required, which will be placed in a single-line row with a total length of 4.6 km, with a distance between wells of 200 m, and a service life of 25 years.

Key words: water resources, groundwater, well, water intake unit, water flow, hydrogeological conditions