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Scientific and Technical Journal

Geoecological features of enhanced oil recovery methods and the effectiveness of application in the oil fields of the Volga-Ural province

2022. №1, pp. 109-116

Glebova Lyubov V. - Candidate of Sciences (Geology and Mineralogy), Senior Lecturer, Lomonosov Moscow State Universit

Golizade Hamidreza - postgraduate student, Lomonosov Moscow State Universit

A strategically important task is the extraction of hard-to-recover oil from fields in the final stages of development. Currently, the Volga-Ural province successfully uses environmentally friendly methods using microorganisms (Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery - MEOR), which allow to increase production. Microbial technologies are produced in a productive layer, under anaerobic conditions, at high temperatures, pressures, mineralization. Microbiological impact consists in intraplastic biosynthesis of carbon dioxide and intermediate products capable of oil displacement. The products of biosynthesis of microorganisms lead to a decrease in the viscosity of oil, a decrease in interphase tension, a restoration of the permeability of the reservoir due to the dissolution of paraffin and clogging masses. The extracted oil becomes more mobile, it is carried to the bottom of production wells, which leads to an increase in production. In this paper, calculations of the effectiveness of the MEOR method at the Romashkinskoye field are made. To achieve the results of the study, the mining and geological conditions of the deposit and the properties of the fluids were used as initial data. The research process consisted in applying the equation and graph constructed by Firuzabadi, extrapolating the initial data taking into account previous practices of applying the MEOR method in similar fields. The results of the study confirm that the use of microbiological effects in the terrigenous reservoirs of the Romashkinskoye field has a positive effect, leading to an increase in oil recovery. As a result of the introduction of the MEOR method, all transformations and changes in the productive reservoir constitute an absolutely environmentally friendly tertiary method of enhanced oil recovery.

Key words: MEOR method, environmentally friendly, research, bacteria, filtration-capacitive properties, microbiological impact, oil field, deposit, residual oil, terrigenous deposits, impermeable rocks, reservoir properties, positive effect, increased oil recovery