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Scientific and Technical Journal

Hydrogeological zoning of oil and gas prospective structures of the East Barents megatrough

2022. №1, pp. 64-73

Vlasenko Sergey S. - Geologist of the second category, Assistant, Northwest branch of В«Russian Drilling CompanyВ» LLC,

Sudarikov Sergey M. - Doctor of Science (Geology and Mineralogy), Professor, Saint-Petersburg Mining University,

The article considers the results of hydrogeological zoning of the territory of the East Barents megatrough. According to the results of zoning, two hydrogeological structures were identified - the Shtokman-Luninsky and North Barents shelf artesian basins of the submarine type, which were previously part of the larger and more complex geological structure of the basins of the Barents-Kara artesian region. The boundaries of the basins were determined taking into account up-to-date information on the oil and gas geological zoning of the territory of the Russian Federation within the continental slope of the Arctic Ocean and the results of morphostructural zoning of the shelf of the eastern part of the Barents Sea, data on the composition and type of groundwater accumulations are presented based on the results of the study of the main aquifers of the Barents-Kara artesian region, lithological and stratigraphic characteristics of the section of the sedimentary cover of the East Barents megatrough. According to the set of hydrogeological parameters, the new artesian basins are characterized by favorable conditions for the preservation and distribution of oil and gas deposits, which is confirmed by the presence of large gas and gas condensate deposits within the East Barents megatrough.

Key words: hydrogeological structures, artesian shelf basins, East Barents megatrough, Barents-Kara artesian region, oil and gas geological zoning, oil and gas deposits