Geology, geography and global energy

Scientific and Technical Journal


2019. №2, pp. 73-90

Shuvaev Nikolay S. - Ph. D. in Geography, Associate Professor, Astrakhan State University,

Barmin Alexander N. - D. Sc. in Geography, Professor, Astrakhan State University,

Valov Mikhail V. - Ph. D. in Geography, Associate Professor, Astrakhan State University,

Rusu Lyubov S. - undergraduate, Astrakhan State University,

Environmental assets use by man is a historically established axiom, and at the moment, there is a slow realization that their potential is not unlimited. The quantitative human growth stipulates natural resources extraction increase, also pressure increase on the natural environment, and human activity environment. Situations arising due to person’s activity leading to the environment statutory state violation causing damage to any environmental management branch or its development as a whole are defined as conflicting in the environmental management. This paper analyzes the environmental management types in Astrakhan region based on the following environmental management conflicts characteristics: the environmental management conflict dynamics show its evolutionary cycle - increasing (development), stable (constant), and decreasing (degradation); the time aspect shows the period of the nature user interaction with the natural landscape (environment); the territorial aspect characterizes the extensiveness of the environmental management conflict occurrence, its dimension (scale) and geo-statefulness.

Key words: конфликт природопользования, временной аспект, классификация типов природопользования, динамика конфликта, характер проявления конфликта, environmental management conflict, time aspect, environmental management classification types, conflict dynamics, con