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The promotion of tourist services by using online booking system

2015. №1, pp. 199-206

Molchanova Violetta S. - Post-graduate student, Sochi State University, 26Р° Sovetskaya St., Sochi, 354000, Russian Federation,

The using of electronic booking services, from ticketing to full tours, gave rise to the active development of e-commerce in the tourism industry. The modern technologies have turned e-commerce in one of the major sales channels, complementing the traditional "live" communication with the customer and have expanded the opportunities for remote personal service. The most popular Internet travel services are ticket reservation system, flight schedule, travel internet catalogs. They satisfy the main demand of the end users - the service choice from a variety of offerings, concentrated in one place. Such search system gives a big advantage to the customer service, for example to the search by category: the choice of the tour, such as recreation, accommodation and cultural program, etc. The article analyzes the possibility of using electronic booking services via Internet in the tourism business. It discusses the tourist advantages while using the online hotel reservation system. The article gives the basic guidelines for choosing the most appropriate electronic online booking systems. In addition, to simplify the search for the necessary tourist information the author focuses on the automated searching and comparison systems` application. The article shows the approximate algorithms of booking hotels, flights and tours. It describes the application of such service on giving the example of the tourist company "Anastasia" activities. The article bases on different sources - «The basics of tourism activities», presented in M.B. Birzhakov work, the description of tours booking process, presented on tour operators websites (,, etc.), and the examples from tourism practices LLC "Anastasia" company. This work�s methodological basis is the dialectical method. It also employs general scientific methods, such as systemic and comparative analysis, observation, and comparison.

Key words: система онлайн-бронирования, электронная коммерция, электронные билеты, бронирование отелей, туроператор, турагент, интернет-бронирование туров, online booking system, e-commerce, electronic tickets, hotel booking, tour operator, travel agent, online book