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Scientific and Technical Journal

Main absorbing oil and gas bearing fields of the Caspian horizons

2015. №1, pp. 114-117

Kolesnichenko Mikhail M. - Post-graduate student, Astrakhan State University, 20a Tatishchev st., Astrakhan, 414056, Russian Federation,

This article studied the material for absorbing horizons Caspian oil and gas province. Widely spread on the territory of Russia reservoirs, in particular in the territory of the Caspian oil and gas province, provides environmentally safe underground disposal of industrial wastewater. They are sufficient for the reception of sewage filtration and capacitive parameters. Also contain in their natural state underground saline waters do not represent practical interest for water, heat, medical care use or recovery of valuable components. The problem of disposal of industrial wastewater of oil and gas fields is very important as the need for hydrocarbon resources, namely oil and natural gas in our country is increasing every year. For the beginning we will give definitions of the following terms - absorbing horizon, the layers of the reservoir. Absorbing the horizon is a subsurface permeable aquifer with sufficient capacity for the disposal of the design of the quantity of liquid waste, securely isolated from other aquifers used for water supply, extraction of mineral raw materials and balneological purposes. Absorbing horizon consists of a reservoir. Layers of the reservoir are rock, containing voids (pores, cavities or cracks) and is able to accommodate and to filter the fluids (oil, gas, water). The vast majority of reservoir rocks are of sedimentary origin. The oil and gas reservoirs are of terrigenous rocks (siltstones, sandstones, siltstones, some clay rocks) and chemogenic and bioimagene (limestone, chalk, dolomite), and mixed breed.

Key words: поглощающий горизонт, пласт коллектор, нефтегазоносная провинция, фильтрационно-емкостные свойства, подземное захоронение промышленных сточных вод, литолого-стратиграфические мегакомплексы: надсолевой, соленосный, подсолевой, absorbing horizon, reservoir