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Sochi Olympics and its influence on the tourist development in the region

2014. №4, pp. 167-176

Vidishcheva Yevgeniya V. - C.Sc. in Economics Associate Professor, Sochi State University, 26Р° Sovetskaya st., Sochi, 354000, Russian Federation,

The holding in Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 city of Sochi radically changed its further destiny and the city development for decades. The city became the first-class platform for hosting the international sport competitions and training of athletes, and also, was considerably transformed in the basic (resort) purpose. The solution of this major task was promoted under the federal target program "Development of the city of Sochi as Mountain Resort (2006-2014)" and "The program of Olympic facilities construction and the city of Sochi development as a mountain resort". Innovations were applied to every area of city life. All this, undoubtedly, increase the interest to Sochi for Russian and international tourists. However, now there are questions about the place of Sochi in the global market of tourist services, whether Sochi becomes the world-wide recognized resort, whether Sochi will be able to compete with the well-developed international tourist destinations. Preparation and carrying out large international events will be undoubted to be based on the experience which has been saved up by preparation and hosting Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. Construction of the new sport venues and reconstruction of the already operating ones, which were necessary for successful carrying out such kind of events, will also provide further development of sport venues infrastructure. And thus, will provide to Russia further strengthening of the status of the leading sports power.

Key words: олимпиада, устойчивое развитие, наследие Игр, динамика, инфраструктура, olympiad, sustainable development, Games legacy, dynamics, infrastructure