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Scientific and Technical Journal

Study of adsorption and physical and chemical characteristics of aqueous solutions of flocculants N-150 and A-150

2014. №4, pp. 133-148

Shachneva Yevgeniya Yu. - C.Sc. in Chemistry Associate Professor, Astrakhan State University, 1 Shaumyan sq., Astrakhan, 414000, Russian Federation,

The possibility of using flocculants in the petrochemical industry. Shows the structure of substances, as well as the basic properties and presents the maximum allowable concentration of substances of this class. Studied the particle size flocculants H-150 and A-1510 (series AК-631) depending on ionic strength. Calculated radii of particles, the thickness of the diffusion layer, the thickness of the hydration shell, and estimated molecular weight substances. Adsorption of flocculants H-150 and A-1510 (series AK-631) on flasks Astrakhan region. The influence of different characteristics of the process of sorption isotherms is given static sorption of substances from aqueous solutions are calculated: the enthalpy change (∆H), isobaric-isothermal potential (ΔG) and entropy (ΔS) sorption. Presented data from a study of the kinetics of adsorption of substances from aqueous solutions as well as solutions with different ionic strength flasks Astrakhan region. The experimental results can be used to simulate the adsorption mechanisms.

Key words: сорбент, сорбция, флокулянт, радиус частиц, толщина диффузного слоя, толщина гидратной оболочки, вязкость, молекулярная масса вещества, sorbent, sorption, flocculant, radius of particles, thickness of a diffusion layer, thickness of a hydrate cover, visco