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Application of the device periscope for the purpose of horizontal wire sections of wells in the reservoir of low power

2014. №3, pp. 195-198

Khaliullov Ildar R. - Leading Geologist, JSC "LUKOIL-NIZHNEVOLZHSKNEFT", 1 Admiralteyskaya st., Astrakhan, 414000, Russian Federation,

Shtepin Daniil V. - Geophysicist of the first category, JSC "LUKOIL-NIZHNEVOLZHSKNEFT", 1 Admiralteyskaya st., Astrakhan, 414000, Russian Federation,

Used when drilling horizontal sections of wells on a field of Yu. Korchagin the EcoScope device doesn't give the chance to trace in due time crossing of border of target layer when drilling low-power layers of collectors in connection with its technical opportunities. For maximum penetration Interval collector and avoid premature opening of its borders authors propose to use the device PeriScope, which allows azimuth and integral measurements of conductivity (resistance) probes with different depths of investigation. The simulation efficiency of the instrument, it was concluded that its use will further get 250-500 m effective length of the horizontal portion for each well. These findings were confirmed by drilling wells number 120, where the use of PeriScope allowed to further increase the effective length of the wellbore at 450-500 m.

Key words: шельф Каспийского моря, месторождение им. Ю. Корчагина, наклонно-направленная скважина, бурение, горизонтальная секция, геонавигация, каротаж в реальном времени, маломощный пласт-коллектор, приборы LWD, Periscope, EcoScope, Caspian Sea shelf, deposit them