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Specialized technical tools to improve the efficiency work on the elimination of complications well construction

2014. №3, pp. 156-158

Petrosyan Aram F. - Student, Astrakhan State Technical University, 16 Tatishchev st., Astrakhan, 414025, Russian Federation,

Circulating sub is a simple and reliable tool that helps reduce the cost of drilling work performed under various conditions. In world practice, circulating subs used: download all types of plugging and plugging materials and aggressive; hole cleaning quality by increasing circulation (resource downhole equipment is retained); increase the speed of the upstream drilling fluid in the well, where sludge removal is difficult (with a large zenith angle and horizontal stems); replacement of drilling fluid; flushing subsea risers and defense; acid and stimulating treatment; coring.

Key words: система телеметрии, циркуляционный переводник, зона поглощения, КНБК, забойный двигатель, спускоподъемная операция, давление, бурильная колонна, скважина, забой, telemetry system, circulating sub, absorption zone, BHA, mud motor, tripping, the pressure, t