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Scientific and Technical Journal

Application of an underwater separator for underwater preparation of hydrocarbons of gas-condensate fields

2014. №3, pp. 114-117

Kozhukhar Yevgeniy D. - Student, Astrakhan State Technical University, 25 Yuzhnaya st, Astrakhan, 414025, Russian Federation,

Lyamina Natalya F. - Associate Professor, Astrakhan State Technical University, 82 Chehova st, Astrakhan, 414025, Russian Federation,

Presented article is devoted to technology of separation of gas and gas condensate which is applied on gas-condensate fields. Development of this technology is based on the achievements of aerodynamics connected with space equipment. In this article to be spoken about a separator of supersonic type. The described model of a supersonic separator differs from earlier developed by that in one compact device occurs adiabatic coolings and cyclonic separation. The principle of work of this separator is based on cooling of natural gas in the supersonic twirled stream, being created by means of Laval's konfuzorny diffuser nozzle. Uniqueness of a supersonic separator is that it can be used for preparation of associated and natural gas on land fields, on gas sea platforms, for underwater separation of gas.

Key words: сопло Лаваля, закручивающие устройство, устройство отбора газожидкостной смеси, сверхзвуковая скорость, центробежные силы, адиабатическое охлаждение, Laval's nozzle, twisting device, the device of selection of gas-liquid mix, supersonic speed, centrifugal