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Scientific and Technical Journal

Emergence of fluctuations of current in fuel oil at influence of strong electric fields

2014. №3, pp. 41-44

Bogdanov Aleksandr V. - C.Sc. in Physical and Mathematical Associate Professor, Caspian Institute of Sea & River Transport Branch of Volga State Academy of Water Transpor, 6/14 Naberezhnaya Privolzhskogo Zatona st., Astrakhan, 414014, Russian Federation,

Bogdanov Viktor A. - Kherson State Maritime Institute, 37 200 let Khersona ave., Kherson, 73039, Ukraine

In this paper we study conditions under which can be fluctuations in power and heat oil in a strong electric field, as well as the mechanism and kinetics of recombination of no equilibrium electric charge on the boundary of domains, formed by the impurities in the fuel oil : water, sulfur, ash, and so on. The charge on the traps can exist for a long time and not only to determine the conductivity of the fuel oil, but also its chemical activity, homogeneity, viscosity. The influence of strong electric and magnetic fields on the oil allows you to change the size of a charge on traps and named his property that is of considerable practical interest.

Key words: мазут, электропроводность, поле, гомогенность, вязкость, релаксация тока, домены, заряд, ловушки, рекомбинация, нагрев, oil, conductivity field, homogeneity, viscosity, relaxation current, domains charge, traps, recombination, heat