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Scientific and Technical Journal

New information on Taman Peninsula oil potential

2013. №3, pp. 110-118

Popkov Vasiliy I.  - D.Sc. in Geology and Mineralogy, Professor, Kuban State University, 149 Stavropolskaya st., Krasnodar, Russian Federation, 350040,,

Novikov Stepan Yu.  - Post-graduate, JSC "Kubanneft-Resources", 109 Sedina st., Krasnodar, Russian Federation, 350000,,

As a result of prospecting works on the Taman peninsula, search and estimated drilling of a well No. 1 established fact of an oil content of sarmatian sediments of structure Twins. The well has been drilled to depth of 953 m, having reached upper maikop sediments, has completely opened a Miocene cut. The structure is revealed by works of seismic parties "Krasnodarneftegeofizikas" in 1979, 1982г and "Stavropolneftegeofizika" in 2006г. The structure was map on the main regional reflecting seismic horizons: S–Sarmatian circle of the top Miocene, Kg – karagan circle of an average Miocene, Mkp – roof of Maikop. The structure is dated for east part of the anticlinal zone Karabetovskay, in the West adjoins to periclinal "Chirkov’s" anticlinal fold, in the east – "West Oil". In the north echelon, through a narrow deflection, it is jointed with an anticline "Fanagoriysky", in the south through a wide deflection with "Polivadin’s" fold. UV traps in Miocene deposits are difficult экранированными – are supervised by tectonic and lithological screens. In Sarmatian deposits existence of collectors, is connected with creviced, places cavernous marls the Structure Twins is created by processes of a Maikop diapirism of the Taman peninsula, at a domal part there is a zone of an exit of Sarmatian, karagan-chokraksky and upper maikop sediments on a day surface. Industrial inflow of oil (Qn=1-2 t/day) is received from average-Sarmatian sediments. Supervision over inflow to time of the registered earthquake confirms tectonic interrelation between structures of the Taman peninsula. Identification of this oil field increases prospects of a petroleum potential both separately Karabetovsky anticlinal zone, and the Taman region as a whole. However, there is open a question of hydrocarbon saturation of traps, this age, in structures of the Karabetovsky anticlinal zone.

Key words: Taman,drilling,oil,gas,area structure,analysis,testing,fluid,flow rate