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Scientific and Technical Journal

Types of salt dome structures in the Caspian Basin to Petroleum

2013. №3, pp. 26-33

Bakirova Svetlana F.  - D.Sc. in Geology and Mineralogy, Professor, Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas, 1 Azattyk av., Atyrau, Republic of Kazakhstan, 060009,,

The saliferous megacomplex plays huge role in a structure of Caspian hollow. In result галокинеза in Prikaspy’s territory it was formed about 2000 salt structures complicated by ledges and eaves. As a whole saliferous thickness of the Kungur circle serves as a regional flyui-doupor for subsalt deposits and in too time - the lateral screen for deposits of a nadsolevy complex. Caspian Depression, enormous solerodny pool has a peculiar history of geological development. Salt structures here are presented as positive forms (an anticline dome), and negative (interdome depressions). Since the Permian Period from the last there was an outflow of salts, salt domes felt enthusiasm because of a tectogenesis of salts. Growth of domes proceeds. Amplitude of growth of salt raisings in the Pliocene Quaternary Period makes 500 meters; at a late-quarternary and modern stage of development of a tectogenesis height of positive structures reaches 200 meters. Considering prospects of oil-and-gas content of Caspian hollow scientists attract unused reserve opportunities. Nadsoleva the megacomplex in Prikaspy is put by continental breeds of the Triassic, Yura, swept also the Paleogene - quarternary age. In Entre Rios of Uralo-Volga and the Embensky oil-and-gas zone, to the East from Ural River, industrial efficiency is established both in Jurassic and cretaceous and in Triassic deposits. On a geological structure of a field of these regions represent salt domes it is hidden - pro-fragmentary type with superficially lying kernel, complicated by salt eaves. By results research in a Triassic structural floor Caspian solyanokupolno-go the pool three regional oil-and-gas complexes are allocated: the nizhnetriasovy terrigenous; average and Triassic mainly sea genesis and verkhnetriasovy continental terrigenous complexes. Considerable interest the shipped salt domes with a weak narushennost and lack of tectonic nesoglasiya in Mesozoic represent deposits of Caspian hollow. On prospects degree perspective, unpromising and unpromising zones are allocated for oil and gas in a Mesozoic complex.

Key words: Caspian Depression,oil-and-gas content,structure,subeaves deposits,types of salt and dome structures,litologichesky structure,geological structure,salt domes and eaves