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Scientific and Technical Journal

Summary of integrated optical research arkhangelsk oil field

2013. №2, pp. 34-40

Burhanov R. N.  - Lecturer, Almetyevsk State Oil Institute, ....,,

Maksyutin A. V.  - Lecturer, National Mineral Resources University, ...,,

Results of Arkhangelsk field oil (Republic of Tatarstan) optical researches are presented in the article. Relevance of the work is connected with significant growth in a share of fields with hardly extractable stocks of oil in the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan. Researches are directed on increases of monitoring efficiency, design of high-viscosity oil fields development and justifications of residual stocks extraction technologies from productive layers for the purpose of oil production. In the work the perspective direction of studying of such operational objects by research of tests high-viscosity oil by means of an optical method for calculation and an assessment of residual taken stocks of developed fields is offered. The considerable volume of laboratory and trade data which allowed revealing dependences between the saved-up production and coefficients of a variation of extracted oil looking like linear regression is executed. The method of an assessment of residual taken stocks of oil considered in article is based on correlation of its saved-up production and optical characteristics. By results of work on Arkhangelsk oil field by means of cards of a variation sites with various degree of layer clarity and producing wells with a certain degree of the saved-up oil production design compliance are allocated. The further directions of the work are connected with development of the automated system of registration and processing in trade conditions Ksp of extracted oil, and also dependence adaptation Ksp of oil from KN by comparison of the received dependence to the current taken stocks for control of high-viscosity oil fields development. Generalization and the analysis of the received results is executed, the directions of further development of high-viscosity oil optical researches are noted.

Key words: high-viscosity oil,oil saturation,investigation of oil’s optical properties,cumulative oil production