Geology, geography and global energy

Scientific and Technical Journal

Influencing of energy of earthquakes on frequency of eruptions of mud volcanoes

2013. №2, pp. 7-19

Babaev Ali-Ikram Sh.  - C.Sc. in Geology and Mineralogy, SOCAR, Seidzade street 2-26, Baku, az 1111, Azerbaijan,,

The appraisal of influencing of energy of earthquakes on frequency of eruptions of mud volcanoes, specially in areas where volcanoes are in immediate proximity from settlements, is an actual problem. In conditions when attempts of a statistical appraisal of such influencing do not produce an unambiguous answer, special relevance is got by the models imaging physical essence of affecting of energy of seismic waves on pattern of a mud volcano. The author elaborates the model of such affecting allowing for delta time of upbuilding of fluids, bearing energy in the gaseous hearth of a mud volcano, energy of eruptions and a dormant period of volcanoes as a result of affecting of earthquakes. It is pointed that energy of seismic waves can render the greatest affecting on friction force of mud masses about walls of a muzzle of a volcano at eruptions, slashing thereby energy of eruptions and a volcano dormant period. On the basis of eruptions of a volcano of Lokbatan and earthquakes, by magnitude in 6,3, events in 1935 it is demonstrated that drop of energy of eruptions has compounded 1,69 %. It is noticed that for this volcano which one mean dormant period compounds 7–8 years, such minor alteration of friction force of breccia about walls of its muzzle was gentle will be mirrored in a dormant period and magnitude of energy of eruptions. Following basic conclusions are drawn: • The chattering caused by seismic impacts, affects energy indispensable for overcoming of a friction of mud masses about walls of a muzzle of a volcano, but does not affect other reductants of energy of its eruption. In a case when the mud volcano is close to earthquake epicentre, and earthquake happens powerful, such affecting can become notable, causing premature eruptions of volcanoes; • Eruptions of volcanoes events under the influence of earthquakes are characterised smaller energies and bulks of the thrown out steam-gaseous mixture; • The expressed correlation between eruptions of mud volcanoes and earthquakes it is not observed; • Instituting arguments of an appraisal of affecting of earthquake on activity of mud volcanoes are the magnitude, frequency of seismic impacts and spacing interval from its hypocentre to a volcano.

Key words: mud volcanoes,a volcano,earthquake,magnitude,seismic waves