Geology, geography and global energy

Scientific and Technical Journal

Specificity of terminological and legal categories for the geoheritage

2022. №3, pp. 65-77

Glazyrina Yuliya V. - 

Geoheritage conservation, use and representation have a number of peculiarities related to the use of conceptual framework in the Earth sciences and natural science museology respectively. The article identifies three groups of peculiarities relevant to geoheritage: interdepartmental (inconsistencies between the environmental and museum spheres), terminological (in relation to in situ and ex situ geoheritage categories), conceptual and normative (related to the lack of coherence in normative bases of different levels, from global to regional, and the lack of an approved translation of some key terms into Russian). Based on the example of geoheritage represented in museums and at natural protected areas, as well as on the review of terms defined by international and Russian regulatory acts since early 2000s, the authors analyze these features, formulates inconsistencies and reveals definitions that require clarification and interdepartmental conjugation.

Key words: Geoheritage, geodiversity, geographical diversity, natural heritage, museums, natural science museums, natural history collections, natural protected area, geopark, museology, Earth sciences