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Scientific and Technical Journal

Method of mapping the population density of the Almaty region

2022. №3, pp. 58-64

Ashirbekov Shynbolat - State University of Geodesy and Cartography, Moscow, Russia

This article is devoted to mapping the population by a new method. With the development of modern technologies, it has become possible to calculate the population density not only in the classical way, but also taking into account the area of settlements within territorial units. In this paper, the Almaty region was chosen as the mapped territory, using the example of which population density calculations were performed using two methods: the traditional method and the method in which the number of population was exclusively related to the area of settlements within existing administrative units. The density calculated by the second method turned out to be an order of magnitude higher and more accurately reflects the location of the population within the Almaty region. The calculation results are displayed on the corresponding maps. The results obtained can be used in the construction of synthetic and complex population maps for scientific research.

Key words: settlement, population density, Almaty region, socio-economic mapping, population mapping, population maps, relative indicators, cartodiagram method, traditional method of population mapping