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Identification of the gas potential of the T1-III formation in the interval of the Tagandzha formation of the Lower Triassic of the Vilyui syneclise (Eastern Siberia) using the integration of AVO analysis technology and Bayesian classification

2022. №3, pp. 19-27

Feoktistova Olga V. - Yakut Fuel and Energy Company JSC, Vilyuyski ulus, Kysyl-Syr village, Russia

At the moment, in the oil and gas industry, the technological capabilities of analyzing large data sets are of particular importance and relevance. The emergence of new technological capabilities and the development of methods and techniques of statistical analysis led to the development of new technological solutions. One of these is the implementation of the classification of seismic anomalies and the transformation of the seismic wave field into the field of classes of potentially promising objects on the SW. This report presents the results of studies using the technique of combining AVO analysis technology and Bayesian probabilistic classification. The technique was tested on the data of the CDP 3D survey located within the Khapchagai mega shaft of the Vilyui hemisineclise. The classification based on AVO-attributes made it possible to estimate the gas-bearing potential of the sand reservoir in the interval of the Lower Triassic Tagandzha suite.

Key words: Eastern Siberia, Vilyui syneclise, Khapchagai mega shaft, Triassic, Tagandzha suite, seismic anomaly, AVO, classification, Bayesian networks, hydrocarbons