Geology, geography and global energy

Scientific and Technical Journal


2020. №1, pp. 30-38

Perevolockaya Yanina A. - Production Association “Belorusneft”,

Oil - prospective deposits within the territory of the Pripyat Trough are concentrated in its northern part, they characterized by a complex seismic - geological structure. A deep fault network, the widespread development of salt tectogenesis (salt shafts, domes and cryptodiapirs, block structure of the crystalline basement) complicate the interpretation of data obtained during seismic surveys, including the identification of structural and non - structural oil traps and the assessment of their reservoir properties. Features of the geological structure of the territory determine the development of optimal methodological approaches to all stages of seismic exploration. Three - dimensional seismic works aimed at studying the properties of reservoir at a qualitative level, especially in complicated conditions of the Pripyat Trough, now have a number of special advantages: uniformity (obtaining seismic information is carried out uniformly from all azimuthal directions), high multiplicity, recording information at maximum offsets. The reliability of processing the obtained seismic material is determined by using a special graph that provides not only minimal distortion of the seismic record, but also the possibility to obtain seismic material suitable for the subsequent dynamic analysis procedures. Currently, a particular interest for the seismic interpretation is to obtain a detailed information about the reservoir properties of promising formations, the prediction of these properties is determined by the combined results of wells and seismic studies. It should be noted that now, the quality of seismic information allows obtaining the data of petrophysical properties of rocks, which in turn determines the growing interest to existing methods of dynamic interpretation. The comprehensive approach to the analysis of dynamic interpretation results of seismic data, used in the study of complex deposits of the Pripyat Trough allows not only identifying anomalous and possibly promising objects, but also to determine their geological nature and give a more detailed idea on the structure of the territory.

Key words: Припятский прогиб, динамический анализ, прогноз коллекторских свойств, нефтеперспективная залежь, Pripyat Trough, dynamic analysis, forecast of reservoir properties, productive oilfield