Geology, geography and global energy

Scientific and Technical Journal


2019. №3, pp. 77-86

Golovachev Ilya V. - Ph. D. in Geography, Associate Professor, Astrakhan State University, Astrakhan, 414025, Russian Federation,

On the territory of Western Kazakhstan, located in the Eastern part of the Caspian lowland, there are small areas of broken karst areas. They are associated with access to the surface of the ancient late Paleozoic rocks, represented, as a rule, strongly dislocated lower Permian gypsum in the nuclei of salt domes. Climatic conditions, salt dome tectogenesis, transgressions and regressions of the paleo-Caspian sea had a significant impact on the formation of the karst features of these areas. One of these areas is the salt dome uplift Hudaibergen (Kudaibergen). In the article, based on the analysis of the work of various researchers and their own field data, the author gives a brief overview of the sulfate karst taking place on the uplift of Hudaibergen, where it is associated with the release of karst sulfate rocks on the surface. Karst forms are not uniformly located on the surface of the plateau-shaped uplift, and on its sole. However, they gravitate mostly to the southern sole of the uplift Hudaibergen, which is a wavy plateau raised above the surrounding steppe, complicated by the abundance of karst craters. Along the perimeter, except for the Eastern side, the edges of the plateau are raised in the form of ridges, steeply inclined towards the surrounding steppe. The inner slopes of the ridges are more gently sloping. According to local residents, South, North and West of the ridge this uplift called the hill: Hudaibergen, Kyrkaba and Kosoba (Kostyube). The karst of this uplift belongs to the type of covered karst, as karst rocks are covered with a loose sedimentary cover of the ancient Caspian sediments. Karst topography presents Hudaibergen surface: the Karren, the swallow holes, funnels, hollows, blind ravines.

Key words: гипсовые кепроки, соляные купола, сульфатный карст, карстовые воронки, солянокупольная тектоника, карстовый процесс, карстовый рельеф, карстующиеся породы, поднятие Худайберген, Северный Прикаспий, gypsum caprock, salt domes, sulfate karst, sinkhole, salt