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Scientific and Technical Journal

RESEARCH AND development of a device for purifying water from petroleum products using magnetic fluid

2019. №2, pp. 139-145

Liu Cheng - undergraduate, Lomonosov Moscow State University,

Motorova Kseniya A. - Ph. D. in Technology, Senior Researcher, Lomonosov Moscow State University,

In the case of crude oil and oil products spills in the sea, the presence of oil layers on the sea surface not only impedes the normal surface exchange of sea water and the atmosphere, but also adversely affects the marine ecological environment. The purpose of this work is to develop a special device for cleaning sea water from oil spills on the sea surface using magnetic fluid. This article discusses examples of accidental spills of oil products and their consequences, also analyzes the characteristics of traditional methods of coping with spills. On the basis of the existing developed cleaning devices using magnetic fluid, a new device for cleaning seawater contaminated with oil products is presented. The proposed device lays the foundation for solving the problems of sea pollution caused by accidents with oil spills. It is expected that the research and development of seawater purification devices, based on the technology of magnetic fluid usage, will help protect the marine ecological environment in a more effective way.

Key words: загрязнение вод нефтью и нефтепродуктами, методы очистки, механический метод, физико-химический метод, магнитная жидкость, устройство для очистки загрязнённой нефтепродуктами морской воды, water pollution caused by oil products spills, purification method