Geology, geography and global energy

Scientific and Technical Journal


2019. №2, pp. 48-51

Serebryakov Oleg I. - D. Sc. in Geology and Mineralogy, Professor, Astrakhan State University,

At the present stage the geological structure of a sedimentary cover of Caspian Depression is investigated from the Devonian deposits to modern, i.e. everything the section opened with geological works in its various sites including nadmolevy and subsalt complexes. Assessment of geological results of regional researches of sedimentary deposits of internal areas of Caspian Depression allows to consider that the main prospects along with a complex, contact a srednekamennougolno-nizhnepermsky (nadvereysky) terrigenous and carbonate complex of deposits. Geological objects of the artinsky horizon represent the structures of ostantsovy character complicating a nizhnepermsky sulfate-carbonate erosive surface and created over the nizhnebashkirsky carbonate massif.

Key words: геология, Прикаспийская впадина, скважина, отложения, глубина, geology, Caspian Depression, well, deposits, depth