Geology, geography and global energy

Scientific and Technical Journal

Monitoring of ecology of infrastructure facilities of the transport systems

2018. №1, pp. 119-123

Zhigulskaya Oksana P. - Director, Astrakhan State Polytechnical College, 42 Kulikov st., Astrakhan, 414041, Russian Federation, e,

The transport systems are one of the main sources of environmental pollution. Are the reasons not only a mismatch to the required standards of technical condition, but also absence of accurately formulated ecological tasks in the field of the transport systems. Influence on ecology of the environment is shown both directly, and indirectly - through infrastructure facilities. At all stages formation and development (preparatory work, a construction and functioning of objects, maintenance and utilization), maintenance of the transport systems and their infrastructure is followed by the considerable environmental pollution influencing the environment in different aspects. Influence can be as chemical which expresses in penetration of pollutants into the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, a lithosphere, in particular due to processes of wear of a paving, abrasion of buses, accumulation of combustion products, etc., and physical, namely exception of lands, introduction of vibration, noise pollution and direct mechanical influence.

Key words: экология, мониторинг, транспортные системы, загрязнения, окружающая среда, ecology, monitoring, transport systems, pollution, environment