Geology, geography and global energy

Scientific and Technical Journal


2018. №1, pp. 43-47

Lavrova Natalya V. - C.Sc. in Geology and Mineralogy, Researcher, Kungur laboratory-hospital of Mining Institute of the Ural branch of the Russian Academy Science, 1 Academiya nauk st., Kungur, Perm Krai, 617472, Russian Federation,

Facial changes the nizhneperemskikh of deposits on limit of the East European platform and the Cis-Urals depression, feature of bedding of breeds of the western board define the specific hydrogeological mode of one of karst areas in the lower current of the Sylvy River in Perm Krai. Formation of numerous superficial and underground karst forms is defined by two types of a geological section. In a strip of development mergely, sandstones, soapstones, limestones, aleurolites with lenses and pro-layers of plaster and rock salt when drilling structural wells at various depths water manifestations are fixed. And also zones of full absorption of flushing liquid, including are much lower than erosive cutting. Formation of vertical structures on zones of the increased jointing at a pereslaivaniye of soluble and insoluble breeds, a combination karstic and the klastokarstovykh of processes initiate formation of failures on a surface.

Key words: карстовый район, Предуральская депрессия, вертикальные каналовые системы, провалы, карстовые процессы, кластокарстовые процессы, поверхностные карстовые формы, подземные карстовые формы, водопроявления, эрозионный врез, karst area, Cis-Urals depression, v