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Technology of cuttings re-injection into the reservoir as ecological method of disposal drilling wastes on the north РЎaspian shelf

2015. №4, pp. 126-133

Seredina T.V. - Engineer, "LUKOIL-INZhINIRING", 12 Gubernator Anatoliy Guzhvin ave., Astrakhan, 414014, Russian Federation,

Semisotova O.S. - Head of group, "LUKOIL-INZhINIRING", 12 Gubernator Anatoliy Guzhvin ave., Astrakhan, 414014, Russian Federation,

Shtun Ye.Ye. - Engineer, "LUKOIL-INZhINIRING", 12 Gubernator Anatoliy Guzhvin ave., Astrakhan, 414014, Russian Federation,

In connection with the intensification of exploration works on the Caspian shelf, development and commissioning of new deposits of hydrocarbons, the problem of processing and disposal of drilling wastes remains valid and requires the introduction of the most environmentally safe methods. Today, the method of disposal of waste through injection of the pulp into a suitable underground formation is the preferred method of waste disposal. Currently drilling wells on the North Caspian shelf mainly used drilling mud "MEGADRIL" oil based with mineral oil or diesel fuel. Drill cuttings when using this drilling mud on hydrocarbon basis corresponds to IV class of hazard (low hazard waste), but recycling it is still needed. This article discusses one of the most reliable methods of disposal of drilling waste - injection of slurry into the formation, as well as waste drilling mud, oil based cement residues, drilling fluids and wastewater. When using special wells for waste sludge is pumped under pressure into the formation through the tubing or a perforated section that is used for pumping of slurry at certain intervals of the stratum. For a successful operation of injection of the slurry into the formation requires a system capable of delivering the required volumes of fluid in the selected reservoir wells with formation fracturing, while developing a suitable pressure. Monitoring and performance verification cuttings re-injection into the reservoir are an integral part of the process for ensuring operational quality and security of the work.

Key words: Северный Каспий, разработка месторождения, экология, охрана окружающей среды, буровые отходы, шлам, утилизация, шламопоглощающая скважина, углеводороды, нефть, North Caspian, field development, ecology, environment, waste, sludge, disposal, wells for wast