Geology, geography and global energy

Scientific and Technical Journal

TeСЃhnology of wave impact on productive breeds for increase in an output of operational wells

2015. №4, pp. 120-126

Niyazova L.R. - Post-graduate Student; Geologist, Astrakhan State Technical University; Ltd "PKF "Nedra-S", 16 Tatishchev st., Astrakhan, 414056, Russian Federation,;

This work reviewed the meaning and the reasons of exploration wells production rate decrease, which arise in the process of oil and gas fields development. One of the reasons of decrease in an output of oil and gas wells is deterioration of permeability in a bottomhole zone of productive layer. Method of wave action on the bottomhole formation zone in order to improve its reservoir features is shown and theoretically justified in this work. Creation on a face of a well of indignations of the environment due to elastic waves. At wave influence there is a following. First there is a deformation of walls of capillaries which leads to considerable acceleration of a current of a fluid. Secondly, acoustic streams cause intensive hashing, alignment of temperature and an intensification of convective diffusion in the environment that leads to reduction of viscosity of solution. Besides, the essential role is played by the cavitational phenomena which are observed in an acoustic field which also lead to increase in speed of a filtration of solution. The article contains a description of the equipment required to carry out the action, charts of Wave Power Generator installation at the wellhead, as well as the technology of the wave treatment. Physical bases of the method and the results of an acoustic field impact on near-wellbore zone of a reservoir rock, the list of the facts needed for performing calculations of the optimum action mode, determination of conditions of origin of effect and its stability are presented. The example of results of wave treatment of an oil well is also given; advantages of this method are presented.

Key words: акустическое поле, генератор силовых волн, пласт, коллектор, дебит, флюидонасыщение, интенсификация, призабойная зона, импульс, кавитация, acoustic field, wave power generator, reservoir, reservoir rock, lowrate, fluid saturation, stimulation, bottomhole