Geology, geography and global energy

Scientific and Technical Journal

To question about nature of minerals

2015. №4, pp. 9-15

Bakirova S.F. - D.Sc. in Geology and Mineralogy, Professor, Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas, 1 Azattyk av., Atyrau, 060009, Republic of Kazakhstan,

Short information is presented about history of origin of minerals in mountain siltages. Main sources and ways of education are marked their as a result of exogenous and endogenous processes under act of temperature pressure, atmospheric in and underwaters. The role of crystallization is marked in magmatogennykh processes under influence of internal heat of earth. The supposed sources of receipt and distribution of uranium, gold, and amber in sinking are shown. Description of researches of history of origin of minerals is given: gold, uranium, amber. Main sources and ways of formation of minerals are briefly described, the clarkes of valuable microelements, stages of accumulation and transformation of organic substance of breeds, are marked, what was the aim of creation hired. Р resently the amount of the known minerals exceeds 2000. They are grouped on different signs: on chemical composition, structure, and also - to genesis or origin, that allows to cognize conformities to law of distribution of minerals in the earth's crust. The role of minerals in the structure of the earth's crust is different: one meets rarely and is the insignificant pluggings in mountain breeds; other makes the bulk of breeds and determines their properties; the third form local accumulations or dissipated in breeds, forming the deposits of minerals. Exist supposition in relation to history of origin of rare and valuable elements in siltages: first - the origin of rare elements is related to the accumulation of them in an initial organic substance on the early stages of his transformation; the second source of formation of minerals is related to the deep crystalline breeds in the bowels of the earth of earth.

Key words: минералы, история, генезис, источники, образование, природные процессы, кристаллизация, накопление, естествознание, месторождения, минералообразование, органический мир, происхождение, minerals, history, genesis, sources, education, natural processes, cry