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Scientific and Technical Journal

The statistical rationale of the measurement of the Siberian platform terrigenous rocks porosity using x-ray microtomography

2017. 4, pp. 63-74

Kudriashova A.I. - engineer of 2nd categories, A.P. Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute, 74 Sredniy av., Saint Petersburg, 199106, Russian Federation,

Shtirlyaeva A.A. - post-graduate student, Saint Petersburg Mining University, 2, 21 liniya st., Saint Petersburg, 199106, Russian Federation,

The paper proposes a methodology to justify the correct determination of terrigenous rocks porosity based on the results of x-ray microtomography. The most important interpretation stage of the obtained 3D model in the calculation of the coefficient of porosity is a correct definition of boundary values that separate pore space from the solid rock. In the result of study a quantitative parameter, that takes into account the peculiarities of the absorption of x-ray radiation and allows to bring errors to minimum values, is offer. The actual material for the calibration tests is the standard core samples of terrigenous rocks of Siberia with known values of porosity, obtained using standard laboratory measurements. The application of the obtained calibration factor can be effective for any set of samples taken with any settings, because it is calculated individually for any series.

Key words: , , , , 3, X-ray microtomography, porosity, core sample, x-ray density, 3D