Geology, geography and global energy

Scientific and Technical Journal

Water protection aspects under planning and placement of special purpose facilities

2018. №4, pp. 161-166

Orlova E.S. - post-graduate student, I, Institute for Water and Environmental Problems, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 1 Molodezhnaya st., Barnaul, Altai Krai, 656038, Russian Federation,

The article concerns the problem of allocation of waste disposal sites in Altai Krai. The implementation of the Territorial waste management scheme assumes the construction of large solid waste landfills (hereinafter MSW landfill). Such facilities are direct pollutants of the environment, especially water resources. In order to prevent and reduce their negative impact on water bodies, it is necessary to select a reasonable site for new construction. For this purpose, an assessment of the suitability of the territory of Altai Krai for the allocation of special facilities in terms of water protection aspects was carried out and a schematic map was constructed. The areas for new facilities have been grouped according to their suitability, and the recommendations for the allocation of solid waste landfills have been given.

Key words: водные объекты, отходы, геоинформационное картографирование, загрязнение окружающей среды, полигоны ТБО, Алтайский край, water bodies, waste, geoinformation mapping, environmental pollution, solid waste landfills, Altai Krai