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Scientific and Technical Journal

Mineral and chemical composition of sulfide copper-nickel ore deposit Shanuch (Kamchatka)

2018. №4, pp. 99-110

Kungurova V.E. - C.Sc. in Geology and Mineralogy, Leading Researcher, Research Geotechnological Center Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, 30 Severo-Vostochnoye shosse, Astrakhan, 683002, Russian Federation,

The data obtained from the borehole 110 drilled at the copper-nickel deposit Shanuch (Kamchatka) on the ore body 1 are presented. The structure of the ore body is complex, massive ores are interspersed with brecciated ores transforming to spotty disseminated and stringer-disseminated ores. In massive and brecciated ores predominant minerals are pyrrhotite (50-75 %), pentlandite (5-45 %) and chalcopyrite (5-15 %). Violarite is less common (0-25 %); rarely found pyrite (0-5 %), nickeline, millerite. Stringer-disseminated and disseminated ores are represented by pyrite, violarite, and pyrrhotite. The results of the chemical composition of ore minerals and factor analysis of the chemical composition of ores indicate the evolution of the sulfide melt during its crystallization, as well as subsequent late-(meta-) magmatic transformations of ores.

Key words: Камчатская никеленосная провинция, медно-никелевое месторождение Шануч, сульфидные минералы, факторный анализ, Kamchatka nickel province, copper-nickel deposit Shanuch, sulfide minerals, factor analysis