Geology, geography and global energy

Scientific and Technical Journal

Geoenvironmental technology to increase production of reservoir fluids

2012. 3, pp. 187-198

Mercheva Valentina S. - Associate Professor, Astrakhan State University, 1 Shaumjan sq., Astrakhan, Russia, 414000,

Serebryakov Andrei O. - Senior Lecturer, Astrakhan State University, 1 Shaumjan sq., Astrakhan, Russia, 414000,

Primary production of oil and gas – is the use of energy production from the initial mode of the collector. Its value depends on the properties of the reservoir, oil viscosity and the permeability of the rock, but on average no more than 30 ÷ 35 % of the geological reserves of oil fields and up to 80 % – gas. Thus, after the fall of pressure in the reservoir a significant amount of hydrocarbon material remains in the reservoir and to increase the recovery factor used advanced techniques to increase production. Limiting neftegazootdacha – a total production from the well or field as a whole as a result of primary production and secondary use of technological methods, if it is economically profitable.

Key words: Oil and gas deposits, Hydrocarbons, Oil and gas producing horizons, Intensification, Reservoir pressure, Permeability of the rock.