Geology, geography and global energy

Scientific and Technical Journal


2019. №1, pp. 42-50

Ushivceva Lubov F. - C.Sc. in Geology and Mineralogy, Associate Professor, Astrakhan State University,

Changes of reservoir pressures are followed of formation waters, which leads to the flooding of wells and the presence of formation water in the extracted raw materials. Along the way, the water carried with the main fluid is a mixture of formation, technogenic, condensation and foreign water. The appearance of water in the product depends on many factors: the presence of local fracture zones and tectonic disturbances, sampling rates, filtration parameters, the distance of perforation holes from the fluid contact, etc. The problem of emergence of reservoir water is relevant at development of the geological regions difficult on a geological structure. The high moisture content of reservoir raw materials is promoted by concentration of sour components. Existence of tectonic violations and local zones of jointing promotes carrying out of condensation waters along with other types of waters. Considering huge water supplies of water-bearing pools, volumes of the taken root waters are huge. Existence of tectonic violations and zones of a razuplotneniye of rocks serve as one of the reasons of flood of wells. The wells located in a zone of tectonic violations and zones of jointing are flooded quicker. Geological and hydrogeological conditions of sedimentary rocks cause formation of several hydrochemical types of waters from chlorcalcic to gidrokarbonatno-sodium. Due to the aforesaid, the forecast of process of flood of rocks is very relevant task.

Key words: разработка, обводнение, резервуар, конденсационные воды, пластовое сырье, водогазовый фактор, фазовое равновесие, тектонические нарушения, гидрохимический тип, контурные и законтурные воды, development, flooding, reservoir, condensation water, plastic raw