Geology, geography and global energy

Scientific and Technical Journal


2019. №1, pp. 21-29

Sheremetov Ivan M. - C.Sc. in Engineering, State Construction Expert, State Examination of Projects,

Serebryakov Andrey O. - Senior Teacher, Master, Astrakhan State University,

Ayturiyev Armand H. - State Construction Expert, State Examination of Projects,

Geomonitoring of system of sedimentary rocks shows that all components of the natural and technical systems are subject to mutual influence. For adoption of the justified decisions the general geological analysis of the happening processes is carried out. Specific feature of the studied systems is the set of static and dynamic loads. At probe it is established what as a result of geological and dynamic influences during operation of industrial facilities and units massifs of breeds, being layered coagulative structure, brightly shows thixotropy. The processes of periodic transition of gel to sol which are initiated in the sedimentary environment also back do not allow to operate the equipment in the normal mode. The solution of the revealed problems is found in replacement of gravitational underground waters in breeds by means of polymerization processes. Optimum method of strengthening of the flooded and plastic breeds in plants is use of geopolymeric compound.

Key words: геомониторинг, динамические нагрузки, тиксотропия, гель, золь, геополимерный компаунд, geomonitoring, dynamic loads, thixotropy, gel, sol, geopolymer compound