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The volcanoclastic sediments of the lower devonian of the west-magnitogorsk zone Southern Urals

2017. 4, pp. 74-89

Zaynullin R.I. - post-graduate student, Institute of Geology of the Ufa Science Center RAS, 16/24 Karl Marks st., Ufa, 50077, Russian Federation,

The structure, mineralogical-petrographic and chemical composition of volcaniclastic sediments of the West-Magnitogorsk zone of the Southern Urals are studied. They are composed primarily of fragments of volcanic rocks of basic and intermediate composition, crystals of plagioclase and pyroxene. Vulcanoclastic sediments are calc-alkaline, high-sodium, low-titanium, temperate and high-alumina. The source of the components served as oceanic island arc. Sedimentation of clastic material was carried out on the slopes and at the bases of the volcanic centers in island arcs and at some distance from them in the deeper part of the basin.

Key words: , , , , , , , , , , Lower Devonian, volcaniclastic sediments, tephroids, turbidites, debris, island arc, geochemistry, sedi