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Stratigraphy of the middle jurassic deposits of the north flank tuphan anticlinorium (Azerbaijan part)

2017. 3, pp. 19-30

Balammedov Shakir Ramazan ogly - Senior Teacher, Baku State University, 23 Z. Khalilov st., Baku, AZ-1148, Azerbaijan,

The study of the Jurassic deposits of the Greater Caucasus in the Azerbaijan part has quite a long history. But the main drawback is the lack of reliable paleontological basis, in the abundance of stratigraphic interpretations of the same sections, often opposing each other. The stratigraphic position of some of the sections to be amended. This article was reviewed lithologic and faunal characteristics of middle Jurassic sediments are widespread within the Northern flank of the Tuphan anticlinorium (Azerbaijan part) of Greater Caucasus. The sections of various suites classified in the rank and traced the outputs of the refined lithological composition, good use of the characteristic faunal finds of ammonites and others, as well as microfauna. In the axial part of Khynalyg sinklinal keyvan suit entourage by the author is divided into upper and lower parts, a sharp difference in lithology.

Key words: , , , , , , Tuphan anticlinorium, Great Caucasus, north flank, middle Jurassic, stratigraphy, Azerbaijan part