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Scientific and Technical Journal

Evaluation of the modern state of the economic development of the catchment territory of the ural river basin

2017. 3, pp. 11-18

Chirkov S.A. - post-graduate student, Water Problems Institute of RAS (WPI RAS), 3 Gubkin st., Moscow, 119333, Russin Federation,

In the article it is dealt with the modern characteristics of the economic development of the catchment territory of the Ural river basin in the Orenburg region. On the basis of the research methodology there is analytical review of the actual data about the social and economic situation of municipal formations of the Orenburg region, which are situated within the boundaries of the river basin, and also there are official statistics on the topic of research posted on the internet. Over the years of the study of environmental problems of the Ural river basin, for the first time the administrative boundaries of the Ural river basin in the Orenburg region were determined, and also it was considered the main directions of its current economic development. As a result of research it was determined that the territory of the Ural river basin includes almost all administrative and territorial structure of Orenburg region. About 78 % of population of the entire region lives within its boundaries, and the modern economic development of the territory has a strong agricultural-industrial direction. The oil and gas chemical, metallurgical and machine-building industries branches of production prevails in the industrial development of the river basin, and the plant-growing and the large livestock-breeding complexes take a leading places in the agriculture.

Key words: , , , , , , , Ural river basin, catchment territory, administrative arrangement, population, economic development, industry, a