Geology, geography and global energy

Scientific and Technical Journal

Current state and prospects of exploration and development of oil and gas fields with horizontal and inclined wells

2017. 1, pp. 47-50

Serebryakov O.I. - D.Sc. in Geology and Mineralogy, Professor, Astrakhan State University, 1 Shaumyan sq., Astrakhan, 414000, Russian Federation,

Yermolina A.V. - post-graduate student, Astrakhan State University, 1 Shaumyan sq., Astrakhan, 414000, Russian Federation,

In recent years Russia occupies one of leading line items on amount of production of crude oil and provides 12 % of world trade with oil, besides Russia wins first place in the world on inventories of natural gas (23 % of world reserves) and on amounts of its annual production, providing 25 % of world trade with this energy carrier. For preserving these line items it is necessary not only to use more effectively the fields which are in operation, but also to put new into operation. One of methods of increase in efficiency of the solution of these tasks is enhancement of new methods of drilling to which number horizontal and inclined drilling belongs. In recent years this method of drilling is widely used more and more in our country, in connection with essential benefits before others. Popularity of technology of horizontal and inclined drilling grows around the world. Service companies pay more and more attention to development and promotion of new decisions on further increase in efficiency of this technology every year and promote public awareness of its benefits among the oil-extracting companies. It occurs despite the high cost of drilling of such wells which price can reach several tens millions of dollars. The quantity of horizontal and inclined wells in Russia is rather small now, however the need for them constantly increases. The most perspective subjects to application of such wells are fields of Western Siberia, the Far East, polar areas.

Key words: , , , , , horizontal wells, inclined wells, drilling, oil and gas, liquidation